…and make you wonder why you’ve never thought of this before.

Do you ever get tired of the same ol’ same ol’? We get it! If you’re already in the market for some remodeling work, check out these incredible remodel ideas that’ll wow your guests and make so much use of your livable space. We’re on a quest to blow up your imagination, starting from the tamest idea to what we think is the most incredible. Enjoy.

1. The Shower Tower

People are beginning to realize that they need to shower every day; so then why is it the most mundane activity on planet earth? The Home Depot has the solution, and we agree; the shower tower is simply the coolest thing to replace your old leaky shower head. It distributes the water evenly across your body and is the closest thing you you’ll get to a personal masseuse every morning.

2. Magnetize your Walls

Stop poking holes in your drywall! Magnektik has an incredible new product that applies seamlessly to your wall and creates an entire magnetic surface. You then paint over it, and you’d never know it was there. It’s strong enough to hang anything from paintings to TVs! If you have 90 seconds, head over to their website and check out this product. If you aren’t comfortable with repainting an entire wall to match the rest of your home, call up a local contractor to match the color for you. Easy!

3. Raised Floor Storage

If you’ve ever struggled with finding storage space in your home, you’ll immediately recognize how much value there is in this idea. DIY Cozy Home came up with a clever solution to storage shortage by making use of floor space under high ceilings. If there are awkward open spaces in your home, consider speaking with your local contractor about adding these floor storage spaces.

4. Sunken Conversation Pit Remodel

Some progressive restaurants already do this; sunken conversation pits are making a huge resurgence in modern design. From living room areas to in-home movie theater rooms, sunken pits are an incredible addition to your home.

5. Remodel a Tree for your Guests

If you’ve ever had guests over and wanted to provide them (and yourself) with some privacy, you may want to consider a separate ‘guest house’. But this isn’t any traditional guest house, oh no! This is a unique detached guest house that’s built into a tree. Complete it with a small bed and central air to make an incredible detached guest house. Unbelievable!

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