Through our years of experience, Coastal Contracting can confidently offer you the best siding options on the market today. When vinyl siding is your choice, our choice is Mastic.

Mastic Vinyl Siding comes in a variety of styles and colors. Below is just a sample of what is available. Please feel free to give one of our estimators a call if you have any questions.


There are many different species of woods used on decks today. All though real wood requires continuous maintenance, many people enjoy the natural warm feeling and textures available in real wood. Many types and grades are available depending on your budget, wants, and needs. Heartwood, the tight-grained, slow growing tree, is rot resistant and can last as long as three decades. Faster Growing light colored sapwood has less natural rot resistance and durability. Dense woods are more difficult to cut and often require pre-drilling, but the denser the wood, the better it will stand up to foot traffic and weather. As always in natural woods, make sure to select “old growth” or first growth vs. “new growth” or second growth plantation trees. Old Growth trees are traditionally much larger in size and contain more durable heartwood than new growth which is mostly smaller logs and predominantly sapwood. The most common types of wooden decks today are Pressure Treated wood, Brazilian hardwoods or (Ipe), cedar, redwood, and mahogany.


At Coastal Contracting our goal is to make your experience better than you expect, resulting in the increased value of your home and your enjoyment of it for years to come. Exterior Renovations is here to tackle your home improvement and roofing needs quickly and efficiently, with the utmost in personal service, professional workmanship, and quality materials


Coastal Contracting has not partnered with any specific window supplier. This provides our clients with the greatest selection of windows available at the best price. Window manufacturers come with a variety of product warranties. After making your decision on what brand of windows you like, one of our professional installers will be there to expertly install the windows. You can be assured that your home has professionally installed windows that will last you and your family a lifetime.




Are you looking to replace old and worn gutters? Do you want to upgrade your gutters for enhanced appearance, water conservation, and easier maintenance? Are you looking to enhance the process of rainwater capture? Are you adding gutters to a home that currently has only partial gutters or none at all? First, we’ll work with you to understand your goals and answer questions you may have about your options.


Our trained professionals will take into consideration your roofline, landscaping, local climate, rainfall rates and other key factors. Of course, we’ll consider aesthetics and recommend a gutter system that enhances the appearance your home. We’ll plan for downspout locations to effectively handle water flows without looking conspicuous. And we’ll develop a customized solution to meet your goals and budget while helping to protect your home from erosion and damage to your foundation that can be caused by rainwater that is not properly handled.


Our trained technicians fabricate your custom gutters on site – resulting in a seamless appearance. Your gutters won’t have seams every 10 feet, which are typical of the handyman or do-it-yourself installations. We go the extra mile to make sure your result is both attractive and functional, using techniques such as hidden hangers. Plus, our safety-trained technicians make sure that fabrication and installation work is done in a professional and secure environment.