Make the best use of your outdoor living space with a custom designed composite deck that is tailor made for your home. At Coastal Contracting, we exist to help you get inspired. Everything from color to style, to the type of boards and railing, let Coastal help you design and build your perfect outdoor living space.


A majority of decks built today are still made out of wood. However, an increasing amount of people are deciding to build Azek (now TimberTeck AZEK™) or Trex decks as opposed to using real wood. Why is that? Wood decks require a lot of maintenance and can be easily damaged/stained. On top of that, they are much harder to keep clean, and without proper upkeep, they won’t last through years of harsh weather conditions. To that point, most homeowners will spend over $20,000 in a 20-year period maintaining their wood deck typically. In the same time period, when you go with an Azek (now TimberTeck AZEK™) or Trex decks will usually cost less than $10,000 to maintain.


Appearances: Depends

TimberTeck AZEK™ has a much similar look to wood than Trex but some people actually prefer the composite look. It’s up to you!

Upkeep: Tie

Both seem to hold up nicely. Only having to wash them once a year.

Fading: TimberTeck AZEK™

When it comes to fading, on average most TimberTeck AZEK™ are less likely to lose its color over time compared to the alternative. One cool thing to note though is Trex is actually designed to transform into a more natural shade within the first six months due to the weather which will make it look similar to treated wood.

Slipping & Safety: Trex

TimberTeck AZEK™ are known for being slipperier so if you are planning on installing a hot-tub or it rains a lot where you live, you might want to consider a Trex build.

Environmentally Friendly: Trex

That’s an easy winner there. Trex is made out of 95% recycled materials!

Moisture: TimberTeck AZEK™

Both have a good reputation for handling moisture however TimberTeck AZEK™ seems to handle it best.

Heat Resistance: Depends

Trex seems to heat up more than the competition making it harder to walk on with bare feet according to previous customers. However, if you live in a less heat extreme area and perhaps it rains more… it’s important to note that TimberTeck AZEK™ seems to expand and contract more than Trex would, which may cause cracking more frequently.

Warranties: TimberTeck AZEK™

Most of all TimberTeck AZEK™ products come with a lifetime warranty. Trex offers a 25-year warranty for residential and a 10-year warranty for commercial jobs!

When it comes to the price: TimberTeck AZEK™

Azek is known for being the pricier option, however, it depends on the materials you choose. The average cost per board for Trex is $120-$140 vs $40-$70 for TimberTeck AZEK™.

In Summary…

Our clients go with both and we recommend both products equally. Call us and we can talk more to figure out which brand is best for you! Give Coastal Contracting a call at 804-360-5775 to take advantage of our free consultation.




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