Adding more space to your home has never been easier or more cost effective. If you and your family have outgrown your home but still love your neighborhood and property, consider an addition or remodel from Coastal Contracting.


Additions offer opportunities for adding a room to a house, remove dividers to enlarge separate rooms, adding new floors, and even adding entirely new sections of living space through bump out additions.



If you’re unsure of what you’re looking for – or what you need – let Coastal Contracting help you with your idea curation. We offer a completely free, no obligation consultation to all of our clients. Take advantage of it, give us a call!


Once you’ve got an idea locked down, our professional builders will create a blueprint of your vision. Often times, putting your idea on paper will help you really visualize it and make any final needed adjustments.


One of the best parts about additions are the custom details. You can make your new addition anything you want! Is there a modern installation you’ve always liked? Let’s install it! Want to use grandma’s old chandelier? Let’s make it happen! Our goal is to make sure you’re completely thrilled with your new addition, within a budget you can afford.


There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all when it comes to home additions. Give Coastal Contracting a call to take advantage of our free, no-obligation consultation, and let’s figure out what kind of addition will work best for you.


Historically, sunrooms have often been looked down on because of their aluminum and glass construction, their uncomfortable temperatures, and their drafty nature. But the sunroom has evolved. With modern construction technology, sunrooms can be thermally insulated extensions of your home, offering you the same comfort as any other room. Expect to pay less than any other addition for a well-made sunroom.


A common renovation for people looking to add major living space onto their home is building a second story addition. These large add a level renovations transform single level ranch and cape homes into spacious two-story colonials.

Coastal Contracting has designed several 2 story addition plans to help you get a good idea of how much an elaborate home renovation like this can cost you. In general adding pure living spaces, such as bedrooms and family rooms, is cheaper to construct than adding rooms with plumbing, like bathrooms. So if you add a second floor with only bedrooms, it will be much cheaper than doing the same add a level renovation with bedrooms and a single bathroom.


Ready to fall in love with your bathroom? Whether you are running out of bathroom storage space or you’ve been dreaming of a new, luxurious bathtub, Coastal Contracting can help! We’ll work with you to design a beautiful bathroom remodel that fits your needs.


At Coastal Contracting our experts have stepped into more than a hundred homes and possibly thousands of bedrooms. What we have noticed is that most bedrooms were cramped when furnished and even the smallest empty bedrooms looked spacious. So our design philosophy is to show realistic photos of bedroom ideas with actual bedroom furniture. Once you browse through our bedroom plans, you’ll agree that the only way to pick the proper size for your new bedroom addition is to see it with furniture.


Garages are tempting to convert… the box is already there! If you often don’t use the garage to park, and instead have it cluttered with junk, consider a spring cleaning and let us turn that garage into a beautiful living space. Modern garages already have drywall studs, and even maybe HVAC ready. Garage conversions are low scale, low cost, effective ways to extend your home’s livable space. If you decide to convert your garage, we offer solutions for extending the garage or adding a carport to protect your cars from the elements.


Are you tired of your outdated cabinets and fixtures? Is your kitchen’s layout making everyday tasks more difficult? Whatever the case may be, Coastal Contracting can get you from the kitchen you have now to the one-of-a-kind kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.


Coastal Contracting provides the design and construction of screened porches for clients in Richmond and its surrounding areas. A screened porch is a perfect and affordable way to maximize the number of months you can comfortably enjoy the outdoors.  Screened porches offer protection from the hot sun and pesky bugs, but allow a refreshing breeze to keep you comfortable.


A house bump out addition is similar to a new room addition, but its very scaled down. It’s technically not a new room anymore – it’s an enhancement to an existing room. The bump out can add as much square feet as you want to a room, so they’re great for adding space for a kitchen island, turning a powder room into a full bath, or extending a bedroom into a master, giving you space for a walk in closet. The total square footage is smaller than a full room addition, so this option saves you money if you just need a little more room.


You don’t have to be an astronomer, a scientist, or even have a thick beard to build and get incredible use from a conservatory. Conservatories are a variety of sunroom, but tend to be grander in scale and offer full living solutions. Often they’re big enough to host dinner parties and accommodate fireplaces, all under the stars.




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