If you have the capacity to make use of your yard to build a deck or patio space, I absolutely recommend that you do. The use of outdoor space around your home can be a crucial component to bringing a lot of life and functionality to otherwise unused space. Decks and patios both have their pros and cons. Today we’re going to compare the two, and by the end of this – hopefully, you’ll have a better idea of which might be best for you.

So, a Deck or Patio?

You might be asking yourself, “Why even bother?” Other than the simple enjoyment of being able to make use of your outdoor space, I’ll give you 3 solid reasons to bother.

1: It increases your home’s value

There are few things that can boast this, but according to industry experts, a deck or patio actually have the potential for 100% return on investment. If you happen to be able to do it yourself, there are even more savings to be had (but if you aren’t incredibly confident, you may want to let a professional handle it).

2: A deck or patio adds more function

I mentioned earlier that being able to make use of your outdoor space adds a lot of life to your home. But the functional possibilities are limitless too. If you’re a big entertainer, adding a fire pit space to your patio maybe just the set-up that you need. If you’re big into outdoor dining, adding a space to your deck for a grill or a custom bartop could bring a whole new meaning to ‘entertaining.’

3: A deck or patio increases living space

Other than simply installing an addition to the house, a deck or patio functionally increases the amount of livable space that your home has to offer. Some people even install enclosed decks or patios to maximize how often (and in what season) they’re able to use their outdoor space.

So, Deck or Patio? The Pros and Cons

There’s simply no better value than a deck or patio install. But which one to chose is the question? I’ve created a comprehensive list and broken it down to help you decide.

Resale Value: Deck

Decks win out over patios when it comes to resale value. Like I mentioned earlier, a deck has the potential for 100% return on investment, and averages around 90%. That’s still pretty incredible. A patio is a little less on the return on investment, but it is less expensive.

Expense: Patio

What is this going to cost me? A question everyone asks when modifying their home. Even though a deck offers a little more value for your money, a patio offers you outdoor living space for substantially less cost. On average, a deck can cost around $30 per square foot, while a patio averages around $5 per square foot.

Terrain: Deck

If your construction site isn’t almost perfectly flat, excavation can end up costing you a lot more to build a patio then a deck. The benefits of building a deck can come from being able to build it on top of softer, rocky, uneven or otherwise not ideal terrain.

Maintenance: Patio

Decks require a little more maintenance than patios, but not for nothing. A deck requires staining (if you want it to look nice) and sealing every couple of years. As long as the foundation was prepared properly, a patio can be lain and forgotten about for a decade.

View: Deck

Believe it or not, a deck can offer up quite a view. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about a patio. However, a patio does offer more privacy…

Privacy: Patio

Whereas a deck offers a better view of your surrounding, it also offers your neighbors a better view of you. A patio is built on the ground level and offers more privacy, especially if you have a fence. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lookout out my kitchen window and just watched my neighbors on their deck. I probably shouldn’t be admitting that…

There’s no clear winner. There are a lot of variables, really it depends on your situation.

So which is better for you? Both have benefits, and both have drawbacks. Once you’ve considered your preference, feel free to give Coastal Contracting a call to see how easy it can be to install a deck or patio in your home.

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